you are welcome here.

if you want to be fully you,
all of your pieces must be present.
i’m here to say they are welcome here. 
the broken,
the jagged,
the missing,
the dark,
the blank,
the mismatched,
the whole of you is welcome here.
do not let shame rule you. 
the pain that shame has given you does not have to be your daily.
if no one else tells you, you are wanted here.
all of you is enough. 
you deserve to feel fully alive. 
the full you is good. 
so good.
let the world see you.
“shame thrives on secrecy silence and judgment”
shame needs to be voiced.
give it a name so it is tangible and we can walk away from it, together.
hand in hand.
your scars do not define you, but they do shape you.
you did not choose your demons, but they do accompany you.
if the world is cold to you,
if the darkness is all you can find,
and trust is nowhere to be found,
i hope you can find refuge here.
in these words.
in the stories.
if you feel a little wilder than the rest,
this place is for the wilder.

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