“To Write Love on Her Arms”

twelve years ago i came across a story that started a movement.
a movement to offer hope to the hopeless.
to find the people hidden in shadows and show them light.

love is the movement
read the bracelet I wore every day for years.

darkness resides in me the way it does many.
i do not shy away from my battle against mental illnesses.
to end the stigma, we have to normalize it.
verbalize and make them tangible.

in my darkness there have been many cracks of light.
To Write Love on Her Arms introduced the idea that i was not alone.
that we can make it out of the darkness,
hand in hand.

if right now you don’t know who will win the battle,
if it seems as though your own brain is attacking you,
when you’ve given up,
i want you to hear this:

hope is real.
help is real.
if you feel too much, there is still a place for you here.
stay. find what you were made for.
you are not weak, you are brave.
despite the condition of the soil, choose to bloom.
love is still the most powerful force on the planet.

words i have clung to when everything else was lost on me.
every bold word was made available to me by TWLOHA.

i would not be here without To Write Love on Her Arms.

and if I can make it, so can you.
you are not alone.
show your scars.
let’s walk through this storm together.
after all,

the storm will pass.

you deserve the whole show,
the encore,
the darkness that falls like a curtain,
and the morning that will always follow.

and if you read this and none of the darkness follows you,
share it anyway,
because we all need to hear the song of hope.
we all need hands to help walk us out of the darkness.

thank you for twelve years of helping stories continue.
Happy Birthday, To Write Love on Her Arms.
we’ll see you tomorrow.

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