the stories we tell.

we tell them the best way we know how.
through words, tattoos, and actions,
music, art, blog posts, and fashion.

when i’ve looked on all that’s happened in front of me, beside me, behind me, and because of me,
i have a choice.

i can live a life telling the story of revenge.
i could tear down what took people years to build.


i could create something with what i’ve learned.
i could tell the story of redemption.
the story of power coming from togetherness.
a story about forgiveness.
and sacrifice.
i could invite people in with hope.

the story that has filled my head was one that included pitchforks and poster boards.
one that’s been told too many times.
and frankly,
a story the very people i’m learning from would be proud of.

here’s to forever allowing my heart to be breakable.
here’s to storytelling the way i want to.
here’s to being all for one and one for all.

it’s mental health awareness month.
writing is something i do for me.
my therapist says it makes me the most “me” i could be.

i hope to write often.
i hope to be honest.
i hope to find healing.
i hope to find release.

welcome back, or welcome to the inside of my brain.

wherever you are at in your life,
you are welcome here.

this is for the wilder.
this is
for you.

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